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Dynasty Legends v5.4.102 Mod – An epic revolution is now brought to the battlefield of Dynasty Legends: Awake! Easy & Fast Download Right Now.

Dynasty Legends

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Dynasty Legends v5.4.102 Mod

The legendary warlock Zuo Ci built 4 mysterious mazes called Zuo Ci Maze in Xiliang, Nanman, Red Cliff and Guandu. Deceptive and illusive as they are, people can hardly get away from them. Heroes all over the world covet the treasures hidden in the maze. But none dare to step into it and get the treasures.

**New Ultimate Weapon: Peacock’s Soul**
With all his knowledge in spells, Zuo Ci made the ultimate weapon “Peacock’s Soul”. It looks like the wings of the peacock. In the middle inlaid the crystal condensed with Zuo Ci’s magic power. With just one slight flap, it could change the weather and shock the earth! It’s the ultimate weapon for Zuo Ci to tease the enemies without getting hurt.

New Awaken Hero: God·Zhuge Liang and Demon·Sima Yi
Complete the specific challenge quests, collect the Awake items, clear the required stage and you can awake the hero! Now Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang are available for your awakening. After you awake them, the aptitude of the hero can be promoted greatly. New appearance, new skill, new breakthrough and new attribute, you can have cooler appearance and more exciting battle experience!

**New Wings**
Four new wings are now at your service! Demon’s Wing, Lava Wing, Bat Wing and Wing of Love! The new wings make the heroes cooler and enhance their fighting capability greatly!

Your phone thirsts for fantasy battles! Shatter your opponents with the touch of your fingers and claim the crown as the strongest challenger and guardian!

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Dynasty Legends

Dynasty Legends

Dynasty Legends


-: Mod Info :-

Mod Menu
Full Rage & MP
No Skill Cooldown
Dump Enemy

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