Truck Simulation 19 v1.5 Mod

Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19 Mod


Transport freight with original trucks by Kenworth and Mack in a huge open world across the United States. Hire drivers, purchase new trucks and expand your business to become the nation’s most successful hauler.

DRIVE THE ORIGINAL. This simulator game features highly detailed truck models by Kenworth and Mack. Every truck comes with operational cockpits and 3 different cabs.

THE USA IN YOUR POCKET. Explore a huge open world across North America. Start your career on the East Coast and unlock more states and cities as you progress. Discover narrow country roads, large highway intersections as well as farmland and desert regions, all created with attention to detail.

Truck Simulation 19 v1.5 Mod Features:

• Some UI placement updates

• Level design updates and fixes in main game areas
• Updated road signs on gas stations
• Added some more LOD’s
• Fixed problems with customization redraw

• Rebalanced cargo jobs
• Some save fixes
• Some trailer physics updates
• Some tutorial fixes
• Balancing changes

• General performance optimization
• Some AI improvements and optimization
• GC Allocation improvements
• Game stability fixes

Truck Simulation 19

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