Off The Road v1.2.6

Off The Road

Off The Road Mod


The new open world off-road driving simulator is here!

Drive your rig on the hills of your own open world, get into a boat and explore islands, pick a helicopter and fly freely to the top of the mountains or just walk around if you need a peaceful hike it’s up to you.

Beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car. Make it stronger, faster, look more awesome!
Earn xp to level up and get cool rewards.

WHAT’S NEW in Off The Road v1.2.6

-Added new rally car the ‘Stinger’
-Added new truck the ‘Dachshund’
-Helicopters are now faster
-Holiday sale has started!
-Fixed mini-map rendering issues
-Fixed movement issues while walking
-Fixed colored part rendering issues

Off The Road

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